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Jan 9, 2018

Manifesting….ahh what do you feel, what do you think when you see that word?

To me it was images of perfectly curated photos of over-brightened pictures of white women with blonde hair that were super rich.

Cannot. Relate. At. All.

Of course I want to manifest — but not that!

No hate on them, it just didn’t make sense to me and while now I think, “ya - she’s not for me.” I once felt alienated and unworthy of this manifesting game. I’m naturally brunette, shorter, rounder and messy as hell!

In today’s episode I’ll break down what manifest means and why caring about too many things is detrimental to your life’s work.

Buh-bye philanthropy!

I’ll teach you how to put blinders on, why you should put blinders on and how that will actually get you what YOU WANT aaaaaaannnnnndddddd lead to philanthropy…. <- see what I did there. (I reverse engineered it!)

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<3 Lauren