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Dec 30, 2017

It’s the last episode of 2017! Wow what a year! I learned so much and am so ready to move into 2018. In this episode I explain the battle of the unconscious and conscious mind when we’re trying to create change.

Things like your unconscious mind prompting you to eat junk food again right when you’re clothes are getting looser or when you’re actually seeing results when you look in the mirror.

It’s a freedom bell, at least it was for me, when I learned of this because will-power was no longer something I felt bad for not having. Some of our sabotage behaviors are primal and for survival.


I also share my most recent round of deception…deception it what we at Growth-U call the battle of our conscious and unconscious mind. I’d love to hear back from you if my story will help you get breakthru to your next identity!

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In my client’s own words:

“-Scarcity related to Food has been eye opening for me - We don’t have to follow 1 specific health route but find the one that works for us”

“I second the “find what works for you” being empowered to figure out what works in my life, instead of feeling strapped to a plan that worked for someone else, has done wonders to quiet the voice that tells me I’m not doing it right. It’s not about the food. When other areas of your life are balanced, the food piece will fall in place.”

"Of course you don't have the focus to strictly execute super intense diet and exercise plans, the other areas of your life are not in control the energy resource isn't available."

“Thoughts have mass, and we need to be intentional about them on a regular basis in order to make an impact on the identity and come out the other side of the growth process.”

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2018 is going to be BIG for all of us!