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Jan 11, 2018

OMG! I did it. I said "no" to what I don't want. I actually had to muster the strength to admit it to myself first and then out loud.

And to apply a Dr. Sarno Divided Mind approach to the dilemma, perhaps my body was telling me all along for several years that something was "off" with this business endeavor.

What was so interesting about the time in which I said "no" to one thing, I gained four new clients.

I turned away from what didn't bring me joy or fulfill me and poured myself into what does.

That's why you've been seeing so much of me on FB and Instagram lives!

I love helping people create internal motivation.

I love helping women get introspective to understand why they are overeating or depriving.

I love helping women be happy being themselves.

I love helping them remember they are AWESOME...before people started crushing their self-esteem!

I love helping them remember they can make their life according to their desires.

I turned away from what wasn't aligned with my beliefs and jumped in with both feet into what does.

And boy has my life changed!

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